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Learn about car batteries i.e Lead Acid Batteries. These articles should provide relevant information regarding lead acid batteries including their various forms and life-cycle.

Applying an Equalizing Charge

Equalizing Charge

Equalizing Charge for Lead Acid BatteriesYou have probably heard of the term “Equalizing charge” but didn’t understand what it meant and why it is used or applied. Basically, an equalizing charge is an intentional overcharge that is applied to lead acid batteries in order to remove sulphation or correct a charging imbalance. This post will […]

Types of Lead Acid Batteries

lead acid battery

There are many types of lead acid batteries which come in various shapes, designs, and sizes. They are immensely popular because they are robust and rechargeable. Most of them require little maintenance and with proper care, can serve you for a long time. In the section below, we shall look at different types of batteries […]

Car Battery Life

picture of car battery

Understanding and Prolonging Your Car Battery Life There are a wide range of car batteries to suit all vehicle types, and it’s a necessity to have the right battery for your car. In the past, it was often just a simple case of replacing your old car battery with a new one. In this day […]